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Written by Scott Blair Wednesday, 12 March 2014 19:11
Although crime in this area has been low over the last few months, please remember all the basic drills to protect yourselves. Lock all doors, windows and gates when leaving the property and set the alarm if you have one. Only carry with you what you are likely to require eg. money etc. In cars keep valuables out of sight and use central locking when seated in the car. Remind anyone with a car hire sticker to remove it since it may encourage and highlight areas of theft. These simple basic rules make you just that bit safer from theft.
Jan Price ( secretary of Torrevieja NHW and treasurer of her local branch Los Frutales / La Rosaleda ) received gifts from her branch friends at her last meeting at the Sports Bar Los Frutales. She is leaving to be with family in the UK after 12 years helping spread the word of Neighbourhood Watch to help make the area a safer place to live for all. She will be sadly missed but with Neighbourhood Watch always in her mind she highlighted in her farewell speech that between email and our website at www.nhwinspain.com she will be keeping in touch.


Written by Jan Price Saturday, 04 June 2011 10:51
The gasmen were in our area during the last couple of days and could still be here. DO NOT allow them to come into your property. Unfortunately even though the warnings have gone out, people are still being duped. Tell all your friends and neighbours and do not keep this information to yourselves. The less people that allow them in the gasmen will soon get fed up and leave our area.

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